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Functional Fitness  

Transform Yourself Now with our Functional Fitness Training

  • Torch fat fast
  • Develop a lean, strong physique
  • Get elite endurance with our fast-paced, fun, and functional training.

We present a constantly changing, effective, intense, and fun series of workouts which not only get you in shape, but also prepare you for whatever life throws at you.

Best of all, Functional Fitness Training can be tailored to meet your individual abilities and goals. Old and young, men and women, Functional Fitness is for everyone. It's for soccer moms, elite athletes, power lifters, pencil necks, the weak, the strong, and everyone in between.

If you're ready to leave behind the soul-destroying days of two hour treadmill or stationary bike routines, try Functional Fitness Training. We'll show you how to burn up to 500 calories in only 20 minutes by using a combination of "old school" implements and exercises. By incorporating tools such as Russian kettlebells, Battling Ropes, medicine balls, and military-style bodyweight exercises, we're able to create a challenging, engaging, high octane workout that's just plain fun.

Why use kettlebells?

  • prehab / rehab
  • strength
  • speed & power development
  • grip strength
  • mental toughness
  • improving conditioning and fitness levels

Benefits of Battling Ropes:

  • increase velocity & power generation
  • increases ability to work intensely over long durations
  • easy to measure progress over time

Effective Bodyweight calisthenics:

  • strengthens joints & connective tissue
  • greatly increases overall strength
  • less chance of injury vs. heavy weight resistance training

Class structure:
Private, small (2-3 people) private, and group classes are available.

No matter which one you choose, each class begins with a brief warm-up comprised of bodyweight calisthenics which prepare you for the work ahead. After the warm-up, we go through joint mobility drills from head to toe. Joint mobility is often confused with flexibility. Joint mobility simply takes the joint through its full range of motion (ROM) while avoiding being "stretched." Joint mobility drills lubricate and heal joints while stretching doesn't. After that, we'll take you through the techniques you will need to perform the workout. Once that is out of the way you'll get your first taste of what true Functional Fitness Training means.

After working, we gradually bring the heart rate down with low-intensity bodyweight drills. After this, we stretch. Finally, you're allowed to stumble home.


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