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• Visualization: Your Key to Reaching a New Level in BJJ
• State Line Grappling Championships Results


How great are your visualization skills? Can you imagine a move with such vividness that it is almost as if you were performing it live? Did you ever hear of Nikola Tesla? He invented AC power and his imaginative skills were so well honed that he was able to assemble and disassemble a motor within his mind’s eye and do this with such accuracy that when the motor was built it ran perfectly.

Next time you picture yourself performing a move, imagine the feel of locking in that armbar. See yourself pulling off the submission with perfect technique. Keep repeating this until you can see yourself performing the armbar PERFECTLY. However, the most CRUCIAL part of this training is constant repetition and using the imagination to create the reality.

If you don't do that you might as well swim in the sand.

One of the benefits of visualization is that your buddies may start calling you the "Armlocking Monkey" because of your enhanced mat skills. However, a larger benefit is that consistently practicing this visualization will allow you to vividly work a move inside your head, iron out any kinks, and when you step on the mat, you’re already in Monkey Stomp Mode!

Remember, visualization isn’t anything difficult. Just taking fifteen minutes a day in a quiet, relaxing environment and beginning to see yourself training sharper and more technical will be the first step to seeing the results on the mat. Relax as you train on the mat, too, and it will allow you
to perform better technically.

As always, enjoy Jiu Jitsu and train for longevity!

Eddie Edmunds is the head instructor of Team Fusion Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a Black Belt under Professor Pedro Sauer and has been a loyal student under Professor Sauer since 1992.

Knox BJJ-Team Pedro Sauer medals at State Line Grappling Championships

Congratulations to Marshall Manning and John Keener for their performances in the State Line Grappling Championships on Jan. 16!

At the no-gi tournament in Bristol, Tn., Marshall took 1st place in the Men's Advanced 170-184.9 lb division, and 3rd in the Men's Absolute division. John won 2nd place in the Men's Beginner 200+ lb. division.

Thanks to our Competition Team, we're looking forward to becoming a well known presence on the grappling scene in the coming year.

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